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A Domain Name (Web address) is the core of your Internet identity, your online brand. Your customers will remember this name and use it to find your Website, your products or your services. And since no two parties can ever hold the same domain name (Web address) simultaneously, your Internet identity is totally unique. Technically, a domain name (Web address) is an addressing construct used for identifying and locating computers on the Internet. While computers use Internet Protocol (IP) numbers to locate each other on the Internet, people find them hard to remember. Therefore, domain names (Web addresses) were developed to permit the use of easily remembered words and phrases to identify Internet addresses (e.g.: )


Types of Domain Names & Extensions
A domain name extension is the topmost part of the domain name under which all domains are registered, such as .com, .net, .info, etc. Today Domain names come with different extensions.


The power of choosing the right name for a website, blog or any internet venture cannot be undermined. Choosing the right name is essential to creating a successful online presence. Consider the following factors, when you take decisions for your next project domain name:



A name that is short and simple is always more effective than one that is lengthy or complex. People should be able to remember the name easily, and then not only will they log back in easily on to your site, but also refer it to their friends. A name which has to be written or memorized with effort, is a name that will always stand in the way of you and success.



If your domain name has words that link to your business model or is rich in keywords, it will automatically get you a preferential treatment by Google or other search engines. Google sees links that use your domain name and land you higher ranks in search results.



Choosing a name that is relevant to your business model is critical to letting people identify you in the World Wide Web, cluttered with competition. The name should be such that it immediately relates to your business and your brand.


These are some important tips that are intuitive, yet sometimes ignored. Do consider them in your next venture!



.com -      1500 TK

.net -       1500 TK

.org -       1500 TK

.biz -       1500 TK
.us -        1500 TK
.info -       1500 TK





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