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Sundry Wears Limited


Specialized in five pocket Denim ,Twill, and Basic pants with production capacity of 90,000 per / month. Brand new Auto machines.
Lead by a well experience management who has more than decades of experience in Bangladesh.

Expert staff controlling Marketing, procurement, Merchandising Design, Development, Manufacturing & Quality.
*Washing to be controlled by Experienced technicians to enforce strict quality standards.
Sample room- Having capacity of manufacturing various samples per day equipped with state of the art system
Cutting-  Capable of handling 5,500 pcs per day equipped with modern top of the range equipments.
Manufacturing Floor- Equipped with latest high tech machines.
Finishing floor- Equipped with USA & UK made  finishing units .

Human Resources
No child Labor, Minimum Wage level  observed for all employees , OT compliance, CCTV 24 hours surveillance, Salary from auto software proximity cards machine.
 Health and safety
Covered with Fire extinguishers  to prevent fire hazard, stairway safety observed, and  procedures set for emergency evacuation Personal protective equipment provided  (metal gloves, eye guards masks, safety cap)
In house nurse ,medical center and first aid boxes placed.
Needle guards placed in all machines
Walkway path clearly  demarcated with lines
Free  of Electrical hazards
Boiler and generator safety precaution  implemented.
Noise level control lighting and ventilation standards met.
Factory  environment is Metal free.
Strict control of Needle issuing ,breakages and  policies implemented.  Security control - For workers, closed monitoring of material movement.


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