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We provide Facebook advertising services reaching the right target people for promoting business organizations, fan pages, products, causes etc. Facebook advertising system is the most powerful tool now a days for bringing the result to satisfy client. There is no alternative of Facebook advertising for effective digital marketing service to unlock the full potential of any businesses.


Start your Facebook advertising from minimum to maximum amount as per you rneed. Further cost will depend on the number of engagement, reach, likes etc. the ad receives. We follow the most standard and convenient pricing model for better understanding and providing quality ad service. We donít make promises to earn huge reach, like by certain amount of money. We make the process easy to drive maximum results and provide stable marketing solutions.



Step 1

Check Facebook Advertising Policy issues i.e. copyright, age-restricted and prohibited contents, text use in ad images etc. Please donít proceed further if your page, post or photo that you want to promote here donít meet these policies.

Step 2

Sent your Facebook page address (URL) to us by messenger or email.

Step 3
Set a given email address as an Advertiser of your page.

Step 4

Pay directly at our corporate office or through our bKash number or bank account number. DONE!

Your advertisement will be appearing on Facebook after the payment. All advertisement processes take maximum 24 hours for submitting and reviewing by Facebook authority though it takes few minutes at best to publish.

Facebook advertising can yield good return on investment, but for getting the best result, there are few things we always do for our clients while setting up the ad.






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